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Temperature Measurement Door With Disinfection Function




Main Material Of Shell:Iron

Surface Treatment:Spray paint, surface film

Display Type:Digital Tube

Use Ambient Temperature:0℃—50℃   Tel/Whatapp:+86 13242108152

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Description :

Non-contact body surface temperature detection within 1 second, rapid screening to avoid cross infection.

Thermal imaging temperature measurement, temperature error ± 0.3 ℃.

Detection distance: 50mm-150mm

Alarm light will be on when the detecting over temperature.

Apply to various complex scenarios.

Application :

Face recognition and body temperature detection for recognized objects, Application scenario: Bus station, school, tourist attraction, factory entrance and exit, swimming pool etc.

Parameter :



Main material of shell:Iron

Surface treatment:Spray paint, surface film

Display type:Digital Tube

Use ambient temperature:0℃—50℃

Installation method:Wall-mounted type or bracket fixing

Built-in lithium battery capacity:12V2000mA

External power supply:DC12V2000mA

Temperature measurement distance:50mm-150mm

Temperature measurement accuracy:±0.3℃

Temperature measurement range:35℃-41℃

Alarm light:Green light below 37.3 ℃,red light higer37.3℃

Supportable number of temperature measurement:0-9999


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