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Pass-Through Type Body Temperature Measuring Door


Product model:LD-cwm

Working humidity:95%, non condensing

Temperature measurement range:25 ℃ ~ 48 ℃


Net weight:50kg   Tel/Whatapp:+86 13242108152

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Function :

Sensor probe: imported thermal infrared imaging probe, compared with ordinary infrared receiver on the market, has the advantages of high sensitivity, high pixel, high resolution, area array imaging, etc;

High passing rate: normal slow walking through, face side view indicator light, passing rate ≈ 40-60 people / min;

Avoid missing inspection: the product design conforms to the ergonomics, which can ensure that the subject cannot avoid the probe and the inspection

Detection accuracy: the detection result can be accurate to two decimal places. Under normal room temperature, the temperature error is ± 0.5 ℃; under the stop and stay mode, the temperature error is no more than ± 0.3 ℃;

Irradiation angle: large area conical fan type;

System function: the number of green light prompt, high temperature alarm red light prompt, number of records;

Audible and visual alarm: when the temperature of the tested person is abnormal through the temperature measuring door, the red signal light flashes, and gives a sound prompt to the detection personnel, and the number of alarms can be stored;

Intelligent statistics: intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function, which can automatically count the number of people passing and the number of alarms

Very low power consumption: normal working power 1000W;

Detection height: the probe can move up and down, adapt to different height, different age groups;

Parameter setting: the main parameters such as sensitivity, accuracy, temperature can be debugged according to the customer's use scenario;

Working mode: 1. normal passing mode; 2. slow side mode; 3. stop stop mode;

Positioning system: tracking personnel's real-time position through ultrasonic microwave

Detection distance: < 50cm

Optional module: blackbody automatic calibration module

Application :

Face recognition and body temperature detection for recognized objects, Application scenario: Bus station, school, tourist attraction, factory entrance and exit, swimming pool etc.

Parameter :

Product model:cwm-2020t

Working humidity:95%, non condensing

Temperature measurement range:25 ℃ ~ 48 ℃

Temperature measurement error:± 0.5 ℃ (at room temperature);± 0.3 ℃ (constant room temperature) in specific mode

Working voltage:wide voltage ac180-250v, 50-60Hz

Working frequency:automatic or manual adjustment according to the installation environment


Net weight:50kg

Channel size:1950mm (H) × 700mm (W) × 500mm (d)

Boundary dimension:2150mm (H) × 780mm (W) × 500mm (d) (if there is any change to the boundary, it will not be notified, the actual object shall prevail)


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