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How to choose KN95 masк production equipment manufacturers

May 27, 2020

Under the influence of the epidemic, masкs etc. became tight supplies. Many companies produce masкs across borders, which has driven the popularity of masк machines. Some automation companies use their own advantages to start converting masк production equipment. The KN95 masк production equipment is an automatic control device. The KN95 masк can be pressed, cut, spliced, folded and other operations through a variety of automated control technologies to achieve KN95 masкs. Compared with pure manual production, the automated production of the company has stable quality and high efficiency.

So how do we choose KN95 masк production equipment manufacturers among many enterprises? First choose a masк machine production line depends on the company's strength, to determine whether he is a middleman, you can go to the factory to inspect it, to see if his company size, whether there are masк machine debugging, the company's employees' ability The company's attitude. If it is said to be directly from stock to you, there may be certain problems, because now the masк machine is very popular, almost all have to be booked, and need to pay the deposit first. Regular companies will rush to deliver the goods to you. Therefore, keep your eyes open when you want to contribute to the epidemic.

landpack's automatic KN95 masк production equipment adopts full plate as the frame structure, which is easy to disassemble and paint exterior, and the electronic control is touch screen man-machine interface operation. The equipment has automatic pad printing function, folding forming, automatic welding ear strap Separate wiring is required). The equipment feeds through the servo, and the positioning system cooperates with each production station to produce high-quality KN95 masкs.

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